Stir-Fried Kale with Japanese Sesame Seasoning

Stir-Fried Kale with Japanese Sesame Seasoning recipe by

In my “Modern Asian Cooking” class last week, I took the students through a few of my recipes featured here on the site including Kung Pao Chicken, Japanese Seven Spice Vinaigrette, and Spicy Korean Napa Cabbage Salad.

And introduced a new recipe & blend – Stir-Fried Kale with Japanese Sesame Seasoning.

Japanese Sesame Seasoning (Gomaisio) by

Everyone who comes into the class has a love of Asian food, and a story to share of their favorite dish or their favorite restaurant to eat at.

A sweet, older lady in the class told me that she became interested in Asian food just recently after trying teppanyaki for the first time.  She and her husband were disappointed with all the meals on their summer vacation, so they decided to step out of their comfort zone and order a Japanese grilled chicken dish.  Now a few weeks later, she was sitting in my class ready to start learning how to cook Asian food!

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I love the enthusiasm of the students, along with their skepticism at the beginning of class, when I tell them confidently that they are all going to be cooking up with ease, a variety of Asian dishes at home. 

All they need to get started are a few Asian sauces, a quality seasoning, and a veggie of their choice.

Well, I chose this first time – Tuscan Kale.

Tuscan kale for stir fry

I pick up Tuscan kale from our local farmers market every Saturday, and stir-fry it with just a splash of shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) and mirin (sweetened sake).  Then top it with a swirl of toasted sesame oil and a few generous sprinkles of our new Japanese Sesame Seasoning. 

Enjoy this Stir-Fried Kale as a side for pan fried white fish, teriyaki chicken or even a spicy tofu stew.

Stir Fried Kale with Japanese Sesame Seasoning by

Quick, easy, healthy, and delicious!  And a great recipe to start with for building your Asian pantry, and for honing your stir-fry skills for all the other Asian dishes you’re going to be cooking up a few times a week!

Kale stir fry recipe with Japanese Sesame Seasoning by

Stir-Fried Kale with Japanese Sesame Seasoning 
by Season with Spice

2 tbsp neutral-tasting oil - try grape seed, rice bran or sunflower oil
1 large bunch of Tuscan kale - trimmed* and cut into thin ribbons
2 tsp shoyu (or reduced sodium soy sauce, or tamari for a gluten free option)
1 tbsp mirin
Toasted sesame oil
1 tbsp of Season with Spice’s Japanese Sesame Seasoning

Heat oil in a wok or frying pan, over medium fire. When the oil is hot, add in the kale, stir and toss, making sure every leaf gets in contact with the heat. Add in one or two splashes of water as you cook. Once the vegetables begin to turn bright green, add in shoyu and mirin. Continue to cook until the kale ribbons are just cooked and tender-crisp – about a minute or two. Taste to test if the texture is fine. You can cook a bit longer if you prefer a softer texture. Swirl in one or two dashes of toasted sesame oil, and then turn the fire off. Dish out into your serving bowl. Finally top it with our Japanese Sesame Seasoning, and gently mix in with the kale. Serve and enjoy!

1. For the best kale to stir-fry, choose the bunch with smaller-sized leaves. They will be more tender and have a milder flavor.
* To trim kale, here is a quick instructional video: