Spotlight on Spice: Holiday Recipes

Stay warm this month with friends and family around the fireplace.  Or alone with your cold fingers wrapped around a mug of spiced eggnog as you listen to Christmas classics.  Stay warm with a clove studded ham roasting in the oven.  With cinnamon-scented candles glowing and flickering on the holiday table.  Stay warm with gingersnaps straight from the pan.  With your favorite Christmas movies as you huddle under a blanket on the couch.

Stay warm this month with cinnamon and vanilla, nutmeg and clove, ginger and mace, cocoa and others.  With spiced drinks, desserts, snacks, and holiday dishes.  Stay warm over the next month as we feature many holiday recipes, gift ideas and giveaways.  All to make this month a Holiday Season with Spice.

Get into the holiday spirit with these recipes:
spiced elderberry cordial
Spiced Elderberry Cordial - Free From The Tree
chocolate prune truffles
Chocolate Prune Truffles - Bite My Cake
gingersnaps cookies recipe
recipe for amsterdam deep dish apple pie
Deep Dish Apple Pie - Food Nouveau
chermoula spiced roasted chicken recipe
spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes recipe
jalapeno cranberry skillet cornbread
chocolate cherry balls recipe
Cherry Chocolate Ball - KasicicaSecera

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