Spotlight on Spice: Homemade Smoked Salt

how to smoke salt on the grill with hickory wood, charcoal, and apple wood

Beau has been “accused of smoking everything and anything”.

Not by the authorities, but by his wife.  So much so, that she probably hung a ‘No Smoking’ sign on the front door of the house after he ruined her favorite meatloaf.

But with a hacksaw and a metal splatter guard, some charcoal and wood, a lot of patience and kosher salt, and his trusty grill, Beau smoked his way to forgiveness.  Because when his wife first tasted the mouth watering salt sprinkled on her dinner – salt infused with the smoke from applewood, hickory, and charcoal for 24 hours – who could possibly stay upset?

how long to smoke salt on the grill, and at what temperature

Smoke should be a spice.

The flavors of the summer grill and the lakeside campfire bottled up and dashed on just about any meal, at anytime of the year.  Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift.

Applying the same creativity and resourcefulness he does for all his cooking adventures on Something Edible, Beau spent a couple days mastering the art of smoking salt in the wide open space at his rural Kansas home.  Preempting the inevitability of his family and friends wandering over to ask, “What’s cooking?” and then “Can I have some?”, he had decided that before he started the smoking process, to pack the irresistible salt up as Christmas gifts for everyone.

homemade smoked salt on the grill

To learn how to make smoked salt in time for Christmas, head over to Something Edible.

And check back often, because it’s only a matter of time before Beau starts eyeing the black peppercorns and chili pepper flakes and all the other spices in his kitchen, and then glances outside at the grill…

All photos courtesy of Beau at Something Edible