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Welcome to Season with Spice!

Launched in April 2011, Season with Spice is reconnecting the Spice Route through a Culinary & Cultural journey, by featuring people, stories, ideas, and recipes from around the world.

A journey to rediscover the value of spices – how each spice impacts our food and keeps us healthy, encouraging us to slow down and return to many of our traditions of cooking more at home with natural ingredients.

But Season with Spice is more than spices.  It is a crossroad.  A convergence of cultures.  A place to explore; a place to interact with people who are linking the Spice Route through the stories they share, and the dishes they cook.

A place to discover the meaning to Season with Spice.

Who is behind this revitalization of the Spice Route?

Reese & Mark, that's us, creators and editors of Season with Spice. We are currently based in Penang - an island founded along the Spice Route - where we work as consultants for various community and art projects in the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town. Projects that have included the development of a local Spice Trail.

Having a keen interest in the historical, cultural, and culinary value of spices, we launched Season with Spice in order to share our passion with others.

Our members from around the world, who represent their home, through their kitchen, on the New Spice Route. From Japan to the Philippines, from Bali to South Vietnam, from Kerala to West Bengal, from Croatia to Portugal, from North Carolina to Mexico City, the New Spice Route is reconnecting the world on a Culinary & Cultural journey.

And the following organizations on the Season with Spice Network:

UK little pod vanilla endorses Season with SpiceThe team at Little Pod - makers of responsibly sourced, high quality vanilla and chocolate products - who support and collaborate with Season with Spice to create new ways of using vanilla in the kitchen to encourage people to cook with the real spice, not only for the much richer aroma and taste, but also to help support vanilla farming communities in developing countries.

tropical spice garden penang endorses Season with Spice
And the team at Tropical Spice Gardencreators of an award winning, premier ecotourism destination in Southeast Asia – who proudly support Season with Spice in our shared mission of revealing the importance of spices, and encouraging their use in cooking for more healthy, colorful lives.

If you have any questions about Season with Spice, please contact us, Reese & Mark, anytime at:  SeasonWithSpice(at)gmail(dot)com