Chinese Hot Mustard Dipping Sauce

Chinese Hot Mustard Dipping Sauce with spring rolls by

A homemade Asian dipping sauce can get a bit complicated by incorporating many ingredients to create a deliciously warming, savory, sweet, and spicy flavor like in Andrew Zimmern’s recipe that we recently featured.

Or it can be as simple as the mixture of water with Chinese Hot Mustard Powder to create a satisfyingly eyes-popping-out-of-their-sockets experience.

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The only thing subtle about a homemade Chinese-style hot mustard is the adjective.  Hot isn’t a warning - it’s an invitation.  Like a freshly brewed cup of coffee, or a sunny, summer day.

Hot doesn’t explain Chinese Mustard.  One dab of the yellow dipping sauce will have you reliving every moment of your childhood – screaming one moment, jumping up and down with excitement the next, and crying like a baby when it’s all over.

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While Chinese hot mustard can be as basic as the spice powder mixed with cold water, try adding in an Asian flavor or two.  Less sodium soy sauce or rice vinegar – or both – will give the mustard more depth than any version you’ll find at a Chinese restaurant or a product off the shelf.  You can also sprinkle in some white pepper or stir in a touch of honey. 

Whatever concoction you create, try the mustard with crispy, fried spring rolls or egg rolls.  The combination of crunch then burn makes the perfect appetizer for a Chinese meal.  You can also use the mustard for homemade sandwich spreads or salad dressings, or into a marinade to give your BBQ meat some zip.

Chinese Hot Mustard Dipping Sauce by

Chinese Hot Mustard

Chinese Hot Mustard Powder
Cold water
Optional ingredients: less sodium soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, Season with Spice’s white pepper

-For a thick, extra spicy version, mix 2 parts Chinese Hot Mustard Powder with 1 part cold water. Let sit at room temperature for 10 minutes to allow heat to build. For a more runny version, mix equal parts powder and water.
-For a more flavorful Chinese mustard, mix 3 parts Chinese Hot Mustard Powder with 1 part each of cold water, less sodium soy sauce, and rice vinegar. A pinch of white pepper and a drop or two of honey can also be added to spice and sweeten the mustard.