Four Apple Desserts for Fall

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You can’t have one of our Four Soups for Fall without following up with dessert.  So with apple season well underway, we’re sharing Four Apple Desserts for Fall – three baked recipes to create a few house-warming, tummy-warming delights, and one fried for an addictive weekend treat. 

There are four weekends in October to make each of the apple desserts, but before you get started in the kitchen, you need to decide which cinnamon is best.  Of course which cinnamon to use depends on the recipe and your taste preference, so to make things easier, keep this table handy:

Indonesian Cinnamon balanced, familiar – the sweet cinnamon that mom and grandma used to add into their baked goodies
mild, delicate – when you want that cinnamon flavor to melt into the dessert and not overpower the apples and other spices
Vietnamese Cinnamon spicy, sweet, intense – for those who love the spice and want every bite of the dessert to scream cinnamon

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Granny Smith Apple Crisp: we recommend Vietnamese cinnamon for this must-bake fall recipe.

Apple Fritters with Lemon Sauce: Grandma’s traditional recipe, so we recommend Indonesian cinnamon, or Vietnamese cinnamon.

Apple Maple Muffins: we recommend Ceylon cinnamon so as not to overpower the maple syrup, 
vanilla extract, and allspice flavors.

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Baked Spiced Granny Smith Apples: we recommend Indonesian cinnamon if matching the baked apples with a savory dish like ham.  And Vietnamese cinnamon, if enjoying the baked apples as a dessert with ice cream or whipped cream.

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