Just a Quick Update on Store Closing

We are speechless...and sleepless.

Thank you for all the supportive messages! It was hard to hold back tears after hearing from so many of you, especially from those of you who shared your personal stories with us today. One especially sweet message was from a customer in New Hampshire who said, "I have your personal notes from my orders taped up inside my spice cabinet door." It is wonderful to know that our spice shop meant so much to so many of you (We wish we could give each one of you a hug for all your touching messages and emails! Even though a hug isn't possible, we promise to respond to each and every one of you as soon as we can).

When we sent out the closing store email last night, we thought we had planned it just right - 12 days left to sell our remaining spices. But last night, we were both in bed staring at the ceiling feeling overwhelmed with all the orders coming in, so Mark drove to the shop after midnight to figure out how many jars and spices we have left exactly. He came back and said, "Now I know what it's like to run a grocery store in Florida before a hurricane."

Our last 12 days of stock was sold out in 12 hours.

We will be living in the shop this weekend packing all the orders, and once the dust has settled, we will see what we have left. We know that many of you will just be reading this today, and we are already seeing emails asking if certain products will be back in stock. By the end of the week, we will send out one more update with details on what products are left for sale.

Thank you for being patient with us. It may be another sleepless night - not from the worry of running out of spices, but from an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness to you all.

Reese & Mark