Special Weekend Promotion + Thank You from us on Small Business Saturday

A customer recently ordered a small jar of Spicy Korean Chili Seasoning to try.  We packed it up carefully, wrote her a personal thank you note, and shipped it out that same day. Two days later she called us up.  “Is this Sincerely, Reese & Mark?” referencing the handwritten thank you note. I laughed and said yes.  She continued, “We’ll, I’m just calling to thank you.  Can’t believe it came so fast, and y’all took the time to write me a nice note when I ordered just one jar.” 

Thousands of handwritten thank you notes in the last two years isn’t enough to thank her, and each and every one of you who have been so kind to us by making that extra effort to shop at our little spice shop. Because every single purchase – whether you’re trying out a small jar of one of our handcrafted blends, or you’re buying a few spice sets to give out as gifts this holiday season – means we can continue to create new blends for you to try, share recipes for you to cook up, answer your emails about how to use spices, and even sometimes to talk you through a recipe over the phone when you’re in the middle of cooking the dish on the other side of the country:) 

Your support means we can celebrate our 2nd Small Business Saturday with you.

If you read our first Small Business Saturday post last year, you’ll know we’ve come a long way from starting Season with Spice in Penang, Malaysia, to opening our shop in Minnesota.

It’s still just the two of us running everything, but with your words of encouragement, and with your continued support, you gave us the confidence to open our small brick & mortar shop in Buffalo, MN, to welcome many of you in to finally meet in person, and share with you our love of spices & cooking.

Thank you for thinking of us during the year and on Small Business Saturday!  When you shop at small businesses, you help create and sustain communities, in our neighborhoods and online.