Spice up your Easter Eggs

Thai Sriracha Sea Salt on hard boiled eggs by SeasonWithSpice.com

The day after Easter, the colored eggs lose their luster.

It’s not just the jelly beans you can’t look at anymore, it’s also the thought of another hard-boiled egg to peel and eat, seasoned with just salt & pepper.

But hard-boiled eggs are the perfect base to try out new flavors.  Like one of our customers – Sandy C from San Jose – tried recently and then sent us a very enthusiastic message, “I highly recommend the Sriracha sea salt with a hard-boiled egg!”

Thai Sriracha Sea Salt available at SeasonWithSpice.com

So we tried the Thai Sriracha Sea Salt on a blue egg, then Sichuan Pepper Sea Salt on a green egg, and Sweet Ginger Sea Salt on a red egg.  We felt like we were breaking some sort of Easter tradition, but it was sinfully delicious!

Thai Sriracha Sea Salt sprinkled on hard boiled eggs by SeasonWithSpice.com

Now we’re staring at a bowl of colored eggs like it’s a bowl of M&M’s – we have to eat every color. 

Thanks for the great idea, Sandy!