Java Chai Latte by Sandra of Sandra's Easy Cooking

Java Chai Latte

I want to drink that!

Our immediate thought when we saw Sandra’s stunning photo of the Java Chai Latte she had made with her espresso machine.  But that’s a pretty common thought we have whenever Sandra posts a new recipe – with so many wonderful images - on her site, Sandra’s Easy cooking.

Java Chai Tea Blend

Sandra is a self proclaimed, “extremely shy person”, which may explain her excellent eye for photography.  When you have a hard time expressing yourself in person, you reveal yourself through the lense.

So we were pleasantly surprised, and felt very lucky, when we saw these images of the java chai latte she created using our Java Chai Tea Blend.

Java Chai Latte

For Sandra’s recipe for Java Chai Latte – versions with and without an espresso machine – head over to her blog, Sandra’s Easy Cooking.

In addition to this delicious drink recipe, you will also find over 400 other recipes, many with an exciting, Asian twist.