How to stop the burning sensation after eating spicy food?

How to stop the burning sensation of spicy food?

You tell us!  We all experience a slightly different pain when the oily compound of capsaicin in a chili pepper grabs hold of the neural sensors in our mouth to create that burning sensation – which many of us love, while at the same time, can’t wait for it to stop.

So just as each of us experiences that pain in our own way, we all have our own tried-and-true methods to alleviate it.  Let us know yours by making your selection (then scroll down to Enter to Win our Spicy Giveaway!):

To test how well your method works, we are giving away a set of our spicy spices & blends:

· Bird’s Eye Chili Powder: a double kick of burn - about twice as spicy as our cayenne pepper
· Spicy Sichuan Seasoning: a simultaneous sensation of numbing and burning
· Thai Red Chili Peppers: a fiery red color for good reason
· Smoked Serrano Chili Powder: a wonderful balance of smokiness & spiciness
· Thai Sriracha Sea Salt: a salty & spicy essential for your favorite Asian dishes.

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Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!  Drinking milk was the clear favorite for easing the burn from eating spicy food, but it was great to see so many of you choose "Just sweat it out and enjoy the pain". 

The winner of this spicy giveaway is...Kel (#30) {Results}.  Congratulations Kel!