March 2014: New Products

Chai Tea Blend, Java Chai Tea & Peppermint Chai Tea Blend available at

It’s March 1st, and we are in desperate need of warmer thoughts during this winter to end all winters. Thoughts of tropical islands and campfires and warming drinks and spicy dishes…

Spicy Sichuan Seasoning available at

Our new Spicy Sichuan Seasoning is a one-two punch of Sichuan pepper and bird’s eye chili that will hit your tongue with that simultaneous numbing and burn that Sichuan dishes are famous for. While your tongue is being tickled, the brown sugar & sea salt, ginger & garlic, and coriander & star anise, will waken your taste buds with the depth of flavor that round out this delectable blend. 

Try the seasoning in our recipe for Spicy Sichuan Chicken Wings.
Applewood Smoked Sea Salt available at

One smell of our new Applewood Smoked Sea Salt will have you dreaming of summer campfires. This aromatic salt is made from Pacific flake sea salt smoked over a slow burning fire of sweet, aged Applewood, creating a crunchy, savory, seasoning with a bold, yet mild enough flavor for seafood, veggie, and cheesy dishes.