Look, before you grab that next walnut from the dish...

Curried Cranberry Walnut Rice by SeasonWithSpice.com

It was foggy, cold, and rainy last night in Minnesota - a ghastly, eerie Halloween eve.   But no ghosts. That is…until one of our sharp-eyed readers took a closer look. 

One year ago, we posted our recipe for Curried Cranberry Walnut Rice.  And even though we scrutinize our photos before we publish them on the site, we never noticed…him

Just out of focus – where all ghosts lie – sits a man.  His head, egg-shaped and balding, with blackened eyes, rests calmly in the bowl of walnuts.  His brow furrowed; his gaze on objects unseen; he waits for you to turn away as his eyes follow...

ghost image

The perfect dish to transition into the holiday season.  Stir up the walnuts to scare away the ghost, because starting tomorrow, it’s time to start cooking Thanksgiving-inspired recipes like this Curried Cranberry Walnut Rice.