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Buko Pandan Salad Drink (a Filipino dessert) by Ray Gingco of Wok with Ray

explore the Philippines and its cuisine

The most vibrant culture in Southeast Asia?  One glance at the bright, colorful images on Wok with Ray – and the excitement and enthusiasm of every story – and you’ll know the answer must be the Philippines. 

Ray Gingco, the energetic foodie behind Wok with Ray, is now living in California, but the distance from his homeland has only fed his passion to cook and share his favorite dishes from the Philippines. 

Buko Pandan Salad Drink recipe featured on Season with Spice

As part of our ongoing series of exploring Southeast Asian spices and cultures, we welcome Ray – our representative of the Philippines on the New Spice Route – to share a rich, coconut dessert recipe that glows green from pandan leaves.

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When Reese tapped me on my e-mail shoulder and asked me if I would like to participate in their series - Explore Southeast Asian Spices & Herbs, I felt very much honored.  I am honored that I am representing my beloved land, the Philippines -- the country that I miss so much.  Also, I am equally honored that I am guest posting on a site created by the two young people that I admire.  Thank you, Mark and Reese for the opportunity.

pandan screwpine leaves

Pandan is a tropical plant that grows mostly in South East Asian countries.  In the Philippines, pandan is widely used in sweet dishes like cakes, ice creams, and other types of desserts.  It is also used as flavoring for drinks like hot or iced tea.

What we are going to make today is both dessert and a drink in a glass.  It can be eaten first, and then the remaining juice can be drunk.  Pretty neat ha!

pandan ice for buko pandan salad

After adding the dessert into the glass, we will then add the pandan ice cubes. Depending on the weather, pandan ice cubes will slowly melt and will give the pandan flavor to the dessert as you stir it.  So, be patient and hold on to that glass a little longer.  It keeps that good conversation going and who knows, you might find love while waiting.  Just like what Bill Wither says in his song, Just the Two of Us, “good things might come to those who wait.”

Thank you for reading everyone, and again, thank you Reese and Mark!

coconut jelly for buko pandan salad recipe

Buko Pandan Salad Drink 
by Ray Gingco of Wok with Ray

2 1/2 cups shredded young coconut
1 cup sweetened Nata de Coco (Coconut Gel)
3/4 cup condensed Milk (more if desired)
1/2 cup evaporated milk or whole milk
4 cups pandan ice cubes

1. Put all the ingredients together in a large bowl then mix thoroughly.
2. Scoop and serve in a glass.  Add ice cubes.  Serve Chilled.  Enjoy!

To learn more about the culture and food of the Philippines - and to read through many entertaining stories - visit the always funny Ray at his site, Wok with Ray

Thank you Ray! 
sunset along the coast in the Philippines
Food images courtesy of Ray Gingco, and images of the Philippines courtesy of Ray’s friend, Romie Angeles.


BiteMyCake said...

really a gorgeous colorful drink, it screams summer :)

JeannieTay said...

THat is so beautiful and am sure it is also very delicious! I love coconut and pandan is so fragrant, two very perfect combination indeed!

Rosa May said...

A marvelous drink! Summery and delightful.



Wok with Ray said...

Thank you! :)

Wok with Ray said...

Thank you very much, Mark and Reese for asking me to guest post on your beautiful blog. It's feel very honored. :)

Wok with Ray said...

Thank you for the compliment, Jeannie! :P

Wok with Ray said...

And cheers to you too, Rosa! Thank you for your comment. :)

Dice said...

Hi Ray! I live in N. California. Where can I purchase pandan to make the ice cubes?

Victoria at Flavors of the Sun said...

Lovely recipe. You always choose such unique treats.

Wok with Ray said...

Hi Dice thank you for asking. There are several Asian stores in N. Cal like Seafood City, and 99 Ranch Market. these stores however only sell frozen pandan leaves but it should work. Here is the link in my blog where you can find Asian stores in your area.


mjskit said...

What a delightful dessert and drink! Love the colors and the whole concept of the ice cubes. Thanks for introduces us to another wonderful dish from your homeland!

justonecookbook said...

Ray is amazing. Every single picture is perfect and it looks real in front of my eyes even though it's in the computer! This is delicious drink - and fun that you can eat and drink the juice after. I love that. Pandan leaves are still new item for me but I really want to give it a try. That natural green color is simply amazing! Thanks for the delicious recipe Ray!

Wok with Ray said...

Hi Dice, you may check out Seafood City or 99 Ranch in Northern California. Thanks for asking.

elizabeth ann quirino said...

There's no better representative from our beloved motherland than our Chef Ray to share this delish favorite Pandan-Buko dessert. His pandan-flavored ice cubes are a smashing idea! Must try this one. Thanks for the feature of the Philippines. Makes all of us so proud of our culinary heritage!

Sissi said...

This half-drink half-dessert looks gorgeous and so refreshing! I am really desperate to try pandan now!

Tina(PinayInTexas) said...

What a refreshing drink! I love the idea of pandan ice cubes, Ray! How I wish I can find pandan leaves here so I can get to try making pandan ice cubes. I only use bottled pandan extract for my buko pandan.

kitchenriffs said...

So pretty! And it sounds so delicious! Really an enticing dish. Thanks for this.

Juliana said...

I love this kind of dessert...colorful and so tropical...beautiful colors Ray.
Have a wonderful week and nice meeting Reese and Mark :)

Season with Spice said...

Nice meeting you too, Julianna.

Season with Spice said...

We are with you, Elizabeth. The pandan-flavored ice cubes is a delish idea!

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