Spotlight on Spice: Everyday Indian Curry Paste

Masala spice mixture Indian Curry

‘Curry’ is a confusing term. Is it a spice blend, a sauce, a flavor, a dish…what is it?

In our Spices Unearthed series, we revealed that curry is a sauce in India, made with any spice blend, and cooked with meat or vegetables. But to make curry more accessible in the West, companies created standardized curry powders, which turned curry into a specific flavor.

But we didn’t dig deep enough. As curries have become a part of cuisines all over the world, and developed into many different meanings, we need to go back to the source to discover what curry is really made of. Not just back to India, but into Indian homes. Into kitchens.

Tanvi of Sinfully Spicy welcomes us into her kitchen, of Northern Indian cooking, to return to the origins of curry. Not the oily, creamy curries we have all come to expect at Indian restaurants. But instead the healthy curries of home cooked Indian food.

And it all begins with a masala – a blend of spices and flavors, which for curry usually includes chili, turmeric, coriander seeds, onion, garlic, and tomatoes.

homemade masala spice blend Indian curry sauce

So before you grab that curry powder, head over to Sinfully Spicy where Tanvi will convince you that the true meaning of curry can be found in the Everyday Indian Curry Paste’ – Masala.

Images courtesy of Tanvi at Sinfully Spicy